An introductory class to Artificial Intelligence
for translators, interpreters and linguists

What is EasyAI

EasyAI is a project that aims at explaining Artificial Intelligence applied to Language in a compact, visually oriented and minimalistic way. The aim is to empower the next generation of language professionals with knowledge of the latest developments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

The content is adapted to a heterogeneous and non-specialist target audience from the humanities, especially students of translation, interpretation, linguistics and cultural studies. It aims at conveying both theoretical knowledge - e.g. what is and how does machine learning work - and applied knowledge - e.g. how to avoid racial bias in language models - in self-contained chapters, with no math and without previous computational background.

Designed for students of the humanities

Understand complex computer science concepts without the need of math or pregressed knowledge.

Organised in chapters

The project is organised in three main chapters, covering the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence applied to Language.


The content is presented in a compact and dynamic way with the goal of making the topic accessable to a non-specialist audience


! COMING SOON ! EasyAI is divided into three main chapters. ! COMING SOON !

General concepts of Artificial Intelligence

Read about the building-blocks of modern artificial intelligence.

General concepts of NLP

Read about the building-blocks of modern AI applied to language.

Language Technology
Applied language technology

Read about how AI can be applied to solve real-life challanges.



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About the author

Dr. Claudio Fantinuoli is researcher and lecturer at the Mainz University/Germany and Head of Innovation at KUDO Inc. He conducts research in the field of Natural Language Processing applied to computer-assisted interpreting and automatic speech translation. He also teaches conference interpreting. In the past, he taught Technology and Interpreting at the University of Innsbruck and at the Postgraduate Center of the University of Vienna. He is the founder of InterpretBank.

EasyAI has a 6-months (4/22-11/22) financial support of GLK/Mainz.